About the Department

Today’s world is full of challenges for those who want to help create better and safer products for the home and industry, to develop new resources of energy, to fight pollution and to preserve our environment.

Chemical engineering provides students with real-world experience through laboratory classes, hands-on operation of pilot scale equipment, and research projects that result in clean energy production and medical applications.

UA’s chemical and biological engineering curriculum is designed to shape students into the kinds of people who understand as much as possible about their world and their roles in it, and who want to make a difference in the world today. Students graduating from this program pursue various careers, including petroleum engineers, pharmaceutical manufacturing, patent lawyers, process engineers, medical doctors, and dentists.


The chemical and biological engineering program at The University of Alabama derives its educational and scientific purpose from its responsibilities to and relationship with the citizens of Alabama and the international community of chemical engineering professionals. Our mission is to provide the technical workforce and expertise needed by the chemical and related industries.


  • To provide students with a multidisciplinary undergraduate and graduate education of the highest standard of excellence, recognized by both industry and the national academic community, enabling them to perform to their maximum potential in a technologically-based and environmentally-sensitive society.
  • To sustain an international position of leadership in dynamic scientific and technological research that is engaged by students and faculty and that is focused on global issues of significance to the interests of Alabama.
  • To contribute to the economic and technical well-being of the state and nation through innovative educational, professional and informational service.


  • To sustain a nationally-accredited undergraduate program, internationally- recognized research and a graduate program focused on doctoral level achievements.
  • To attain leadership in innovative educational and research areas that recognize the diversity of Alabama’s human and natural resources.
  • To place all graduates in meaningful, challenging and rewarding careers that impact the strength of the technological and industrial base.
  • To provide outreach activities for those within Alabama and the nation who can benefit from the unique educational and professional opportunities offered by our program.