photo of Fallon Haley

Fallon Haley is an extraordinary student and researcher at the University of Alabama. Fallon came to Capstone in 2020 to pursue her bachelor’s in chemical engineering. She was drawn to the degree because of the collaborative and innovative opportunities it offered. She was specifically intrigued by the Randall Research Scholars Program, which allowed her to supplement her studies with long-term research projects.

Fallon is in her third year working with Dr. Christopher Brazel and Dr. Ryan Summers. Her research uses biological engineering to design metabolic pathways in yeasts. These pathways help offer a new way of producing an important fatty acid. Fallon is extremely passionate about her research. She loves how she starts a project with a theory and then slowly turns that theory into a meaningful reality. Additionally, she feels that research provides her with an outlet to contribute novel ideas and discoveries to the world. Consequently, after graduation she intends to continue to work in the State of Alabama in a research and development role.

Fallon’s excellence goes beyond the classroom and lab. At the beginning of her sophomore year, she was part of a handful of students who brought Active Minds, an organization focused on helping students with mental health, to campus. Fallon hopes that the group will foster positive views around mental wellness amongst students and ultimately help them find better ways to manage stress so that they can balance productivity with happiness. Moreover, Fallon has an outgoing personality and is a committed member of the UA community and regularly participates in student activities on campus. She particularly enjoys playing intramural sports.

Fallon’s undeniable passion for innovation and helping others have been the underpinnings of her success during her undergraduate journey, and these traits will certainly continue to serve her well in her career. We are truly fortunate to have her in the department and look forward to seeing what she will accomplish after graduation.