The University Accelerated Masters (BS/MS) Program is designed specifically for outstanding students to complete the requirements for both their bachelor’s degree and a master of science in chemical engineering in an accelerated five year period.

The University Accelerated Masters Program is intended for very capable and highly-motivated undergraduate students who wish to pursue graduate study in the department.

Students must maintain a 3.3 GPA. A plan of study should be developed with the help of an adviser. The master’s degree earned through the Accelerated Masters Program is non-thesis and will not involve research, only class work. The stipends associated with graduate school generally do not apply for the Accelerated Masters Program, as the stipends are for students pursuing a thesis (research-based) master’s degree.

If you are interested in the Department’s Accelerated Masters (BS/MS) Program, the Ph.D. Scholars Program (BS/PhD) or information about how to apply to Graduate School, please contact graduate coordinator Dr. Yuping Bao.