Undergraduate Programs

Today’s world is full of challenges for those who want to help create better and safer products for the home and for industry, to develop new resources of energy, to fight pollution and preserve our environment and natural resources. Chemical engineers accept these challenges.

The University of Alabama’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering offers a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. As part of the curriculum, you will earn the equivalent of minors in chemistry and math. In addition, other required courses in engineering prepare you for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, the first step in professional registration. Technical electives give you a chance to specialize in an area of interest, such as biology, materials processing or business.

It is a rigorous and demanding curriculum designed to shape students into the kinds of people who understand as much as possible about their world and their roles in it.

For More Information

For additional information about the chemical and biological engineering undergraduate programs, contact Dr. Heath Turner.