Speaker: Pengfei Wang
University/Institute: UAB

Photolabile protecting groups (PPGs) are indispensable tools in many basic and applied research areas, given that photochemical reactions can take place under mild conditions with precise temporal and spatial control. We have recently developed a series of structurally simple PPGs for releasing carbonyl, hydroxyl, diol, carboxyl, and amino groups. These PPGs have advantageous features such as easy preparation, diverse protection methods, high protection and deprotection efficiency, and remarkable dark stability. Moreover, the photoreactions are compatible with ambient conditions, and PPGs for different solvents (nonpolar or polar (protic or aprotic) or solvent-free conditions have been developed. Their applications in organic synthesis, photoactivated prodrugs, photorelease in solid phase, photocleavage of polymers, light-controlled hydrogel formation, and surface patterning have been demonstrated.