Shane Wright attended the University of Alabama from 1989 to 1993. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Shane began his career in industry as a process engineer at Monsanto. Unfortunately, over the next decade the plant declined and eventually shut down. At that point, Shane joined Hexcel, which offered him an opportunity to be part of the quickly expanding carbon

fiber industry. As Hexcel grew, so did Shane’s responsibilities, as he ascended from a process engineer role to serving in his current position as the VP of Operations for the fiber group.

Shane is incredibly grateful for those who have helped him throughout his academic and professional career and remains heavily involved at his Alma Mater. Every semester, he represents Hexcel at the university’s co-op day and actively recruits students from the Capstone to work for the company. Through these efforts, Shane has provided a number of our students with the opportunity to work in industry, which has helped them elevate their educational experience, better understand what engineering looks like in the real world, and bolster their career prospects.

Shane also regularly speaks at AIChE meetings. At these events, he always extends himself as a mentor to students, providing initiative and offering invaluable life advice. In particular, Shane encourages students to invest in themselves, challenge their weaknesses, and form meaningful relationships with others at every stage in their lives. He also serves on the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering’s Advisory Board, through which he advocates for measures aimed at building connectivity across faculty and students. Shane’s work demonstrates his passion for the department and the next wave of engineers. They are also indicative of his love for giving back, which he sees as one of the most meaningful elements of his life. In recognition of these outstanding qualities, Shane was honored as a Department Fellow in 2023.