two men holding signed footballs
Shane Wright (left) and Gary April (right) receive their Department Fellow footballs signed by ChBE faculty.

Department Fellow is the greatest honor given by UA ChBE. It recognizes individuals who have shown admirable dedication and passion for the work being done both by faculty and students, and are dedicated to serving the department through advising and ambassadorship. These contributions truly help push the department to new heights and facilitate new opportunities and success for all its members. Every year, new department fellows are always shocked to hear they have been chosen for the award. This reaction offers a reflection of the amazing selflessness and humility with which they serve the department. To put it simply, department fellows invest considerable time and energy out of a genuine love for the department and eagerness to see it at its best- not because they seek some award or recognition. This year’s 2023 Department Fellows, Gary April and Shane Wright, have exemplified these characteristics for decades.